Water Damage Repair

Has your phone taken a swim or had water or liquid get into it? We can help!

Here are some best steps for when your phone gets wet:

- turn it off immediately (take the battery out if it has a user removable battery)
- don't plug it in! The power going through it will accelerate damage and make it worse.
- get it to us ASAP. It's best hope is to be opened up, dried, and worked on as soon as possible.

Can't get it to us immediately? Make sure it's powered off and keep it around moving air. Moving air does a better job of letting water evaporate. Then, bring it to us when possible and we can work on it.

Many water damaged devices just need a thorough clean up if it's caught soon enough. Sometimes it may need internal parts replaced such as the screen, battery, or charging port. Some may need a board level repair to fix damage caused by water to the main logic board.